MsDVR 2000

MsDVR 2000

Record TV shows & movies on to your computer

MsDVR allows you to record off your television. Ideal usage for the program include:
Watch TV on-the-go - since file size is small, you can quickly copy from your desktop to your networked laptop or notebook computers and watch TV while traveling or commuting on the train, airplane, ferry, etc. Plus, you can watch from your Pocket PC.

Archiving - if your computer can handle 700kbs using Windows Media 8 format, you can archive 2 hours of good quality video on a single inexpensive CD-R/CD-RW

VCR Replacement - with 10GB disk space, you can record about 40 hours of video (based on 500kbs). Watch TV when you want, where you want, and skip commercials too.
Features include:
Intuitive, simple and easy-to-use
TV input preview (like having mini TV) requires a free activation via email
Weekly and weekdays repeating schedule events
Yahoo! TV Electronic Program Guide (EPG) application enabler
Customizable EPG pane for quick access of your favorite TV program schedules
API's to allow seamless integration of external EPG apps (Programmers only!)
Unlimited recording length
Utilizes all Windows Media Encoder 7.1 video encoding profiles, including PocketPC
Easy access to recorded TV and movie files
QuickPick buttons for most commonly used values in AddEvent dialog

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